Fisterra Road

The Fisterra Way is the continuation of all the roads that reach the OBRADOIRO square (Santiago Cathedral). It can be done from Santiago to Fisterra or vice versa, from Fisterra to Santiago.

Grupo peregrinos a caballo en Fisterra, al fondo se ve el faro de Fisterra

Santiago de Compostela is the spiritual goal of pilgrimages but the Costa da Morte also carries a good load of mysticism.

Before the discoveries it was for many the last habitable portion of the world.

Today it is the figurative end, a secluded place where everyone wants to go, like the Celts and Romans, to wait for the sunset and watch the sun go down.

Mapa del itinerario del camino a caballo con las ciudades de paso y destinos Muxía, Fisterra y Santiago.

The itinerary

Nine are the municipalities or Concellos that visit the road, epilogue or prolongation, as we want to call it.

In addition to Santiago itself, the days pass through Ames, Negreira, Mazaricos, Dumbría, Cee, Corcubión, Fisterra and Muxía.

To travel it completely and draw the triangle, i.e., for example, going to Fisterra, then to Muxía.

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